Online Courses Meant For WordPress Beginners


WordPress is an extraordinary content management system that is flexible and powerful. It is a great software for any kind of website or blog. There is no denying that it is a useful software, but it could be daunting initially. To know the ins and outs of WordPress, the beginners can take up a few online courses. There are many such courses out there those could be very useful for the beginners. You can visit websites such as The Blogging Buddha that say Discover More Here when it comes to blogging. Also, is a great platform for newbies wanting to own a website.

If you have not used WordPress before, then you will be concerned about the know-hows that will help you make efficient use of the platform. You can get to know all the details that you are in need of from the courses listed here.

WordPress Quick Start Course

This is a one-hour course that is simple and quick and is meant for beginners. The WordPress Quick Start Course mainly focuses on the basic concepts such as finding a web host, installing WordPress, using the dashboard, and creating content. All the central features of the platform such as widgets, plugins, and themes are explained. Once you watch all these videos, you will be able to set up your first site.

Complete WordPress Training for Beginners

This online course is free of cost and relatively comprehensive. It covers the basics of setting up a blog or website. It focuses on the bigger aspects, explains the overall framework of the platform and its functionalities. There is some extent of training about using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will improve the visibility and ranking of your website.

WordPress 101: The Basics

Free courses are not always beneficial. If you are ready to pay a little money, then you can get some professional training. The WordPress 101: The Basics is a course that requires you to spend some money on it. It provides more support as well as viewing options that those offered by the other courses. It manages basics such as themes, plugins, and setting up a website. It also offers advanced materials related to settings and customization of the website.

Various WordPress Courses

If you already know some details about WordPress or creating a website, then you might think that the above courses are kind of basic for your requirements. In that case, you can take up a structured course offering some advanced details. This course offers a lot of information, and you can find these courses detailing about setting up WordPress, creating a website, using themes and plugins, and more advanced tips and tricks.

WordPress Development

The WordPress Development is an advanced course for those who want to create a website using WordPress. You might find a tough time to find more thorough courses than this one. The entire track covers anything that you can think is related to WordPress. It is a clear progression from the basic content such as downloading the software and building your first website to advanced content such as code customizations.