Fax machines are obsolete but faxing is not. Some businesses and government organizations still want documents to be faxed. So how do you fax documents in such cases? Internet faxing, like the Gmail Fax Pro , is one such service.  is the way to go. Faxing principle of facsimile transmission is still used in online faxing by but instead of a fax machine web interfaces are used. www.Business2community.com states that with online faxing services has helped businesses immensely and that by using a Gmail account, you can send faxes to anyone, provided you have a fax number. Though sending a fax through email is free, the fax services charge a nominal fee for the usage.

Before we go about learning how to send fax through Gmail, let understand what problems the fax machine had, which was resolved by online faxing.

Fax lines busy

When two or more people are trying to fax a document using a fax machine on the same number, the line becomes busy. It means that you will not receive the document that you were supposed to get. With online faxing there is no such issue, a virtual number is provided to you by the online fax service, and you can receive as many faxes as you have at a time.

Even while sending faxes, if the receiver’s line is busy, the fax service retries automatically.

Faxing to many recipients

Using a fax machine, if the same document is to be to multiple recipients, you would have had to repeat the task of sending the fax many times. But with online fax services, the process is similar to sending an email to many recipients at the same time.

Waiting for the fax to be received

Earlier, if a fax document was expected, you would have had to wait in front of the machine to receive it. That would mean pausing your work and waiting in front of the fax machine. Online faxing services removes that overhead of waiting, by providing notifications of the faxes.

Jammed paper

The most common recurring problem of using fax machine was paper jamming, especially when you are sending or receiving bulk faxes. Online faxing being digital will not have this issue.

Now, that we know what advantages digital faxing has over the traditional faxing machine. Let us learn how to fax using Gmail. Faxing using Gmail has caught up and become very successful. Many businesses have started to opt for this as it is more convenient and cost effective way of doing things. It is also more environment-friendly as it is paperless.

The first step to using fax service is to create an account with a service provider of your choice. Next, sync it with your Gmail account, and you can start sending and receiving faxes.

Sending fax through Gmail is similar to emailing a document. Attach the records that you want to fax and send it to the fax number of the receiver just like how you compose an email and send it to the mail id. By using Gmail, you no longer need to invest in a fax machine. The documents that you have faxed can be tracked and is in the sent folder of your Gmail.

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