Excellent Tips For Buying Student Laptop

student laptop

Nowadays, Laptop is a must for students who are going to high school or college. They can log into many educational websites to get more knowledge on their subjects. They can also refer only online books related to their subject to get more details. Portable laptops are the best option for the students so that they carry the laptop along with regular books easily. There is no need to go for very high-level configuration for students, but it should be at least average level configuration. There are many best programming laptops for college students in the market. Also, you can find the best laptop reviews at http://www.pcmag.com/. You can find here below some important factors to be considered while buying a laptop for the student.

Portable size

The primary purpose of buying a laptop is to carry the laptop to your class. It will be tough to carry if you bought a big laptop and hence select a decent size laptop. You can purchase a laptop size between 11 to 14 inches so that the weight of the laptop will also be light. If you are buying a very smaller one, you will find difficult to use the keyboard for typing.


Make sure your laptop is made out of some strong materials and will not break easily. Typically, students will handle the laptops roughly compared to other type users. Some kinds of laptops are made to survive if you put down from normal height.


● You have to buy a laptop with good display option otherwise you cannot quickly read the text and also the pictures will not have the real color. The most famous display is 1920×1080, but if you are not having an issue on the budget, then you can go for high resolutions such as 2560×1440 or 3840×2160.
● The next important aspect is the central processing unit, CPU. You should have minimum Intel Core i5 processor. Make sure the processor model has 7000 marks on it to find out the latest generation processor. If you are planning to buy a budget laptop then you can buy intel core i3 processor laptops.
● Make sure you have minimum 8GB RAM so that your laptop will work without any issues and it will fast while doing multitasking activities.
● Ensure that your laptop has 1TB storage capacity so that you can store all the project related documents and e-textbooks in your laptop.
● Another vital point is to check whether your laptop is Wi-Fi enabled facility. It will be easy to connect through Wi-Fi provided by the school and college.
● Also, make sure that your laptop has USB and HDMI ports for easy transfer of files between students.
● Ensure that your laptop has minimum battery life period for 8 hours so that you can use it without any problem during class time.

Operating System

Windows 10 is the most advanced and popular operating system around the world, and in the case of Apple brand laptop then your operating system will be Mac OS X. It is always good to check with your school and college administration as sometimes you will have to install some software developed by the universities which will support only certain OS.