From breaking the tradition of conventional live streaming technology, our modern day has revolutionized the way we communicate. ShowBox application is one of the few with live stream broadcasting solutions, that lead the way in the field of live event streaming. More information can be had from the website which is a technology-oriented firm.

Few of the salient features available through this innovative streaming technology are listed below:

1. Live stream session or instant access: Numerous solutions allow clients to stream and broadcast events in real time. StreamGate, however, offers additional solutions to users who wish to share their seminars or presentations anytime, anywhere on a local or international level. This involves the ability for viewers to stream live or to re-watch live streams in a delayed telecast anytime, anywhere.

2. Flexible and accessible live video streaming: Live streaming doesn’t need to be restricted by boundaries or limitations for any type of progressiveness outside of the business establishment. Get instant access to live streaming, even while outdoors or traveling. StreamGates streaming service is so versatile that it works with smartphones, laptops or any type of end-device with an internet connection.

3. Reliable and detailed Analytic reports: With the analytics reports, users can monitor and analyze all logs and data with ease, while having the complete power to view all user details including web page traffic, page visitors and views, the location of viewers, type of devices and browsers being used and IP addresses of viewers. Users can view all of this while also being able to distinguish between new and returning viewers.

Live streams mutual interactivity

Users and their clients have the ability to utilize a live chat module so that the exchange of written information will be more punctual and effective. It can also be used for live interviews or any type of customer inquiries like Q&A. At the end of the streaming session, viewers are able to share the contents of the stream on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Password security protection

Video streaming privacy can often be a major concern for some users and businesses. For this reason, certain security measures have been implemented into the streaming service and include password protection so as to only allow access to authorized persons.

This is only a small chunk of what is available with StreamGates live streaming services. Other great features include:

· Venue testing

· Frequent camera shots

· Sign up page for viewers

· Custom built stream webpage

· Watermarked logos during streaming

A very professional approach to businesses and their clients can be observed with the use of Showbox live streaming technology. Through their outstanding support and a guaranteed, finest quality live video stream delivery and hosting service, their infinite list of great features and benefits will surely exceed any expectations.

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